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Damon Shawn Berg

Damon Berg is on a mission.  Through his products, services, and philanthropy, he is working diligently to make daily life and long-term outcomes better for U.S. military veterans, their spouses and their children.  But, he doesn’t stop there.  What he does is educate people to help them understand how Cannabis can be a life changer for lots of people across the U.S. who suffer from chronic illnesses, pain, PTSD, anxiety, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other issues conventional medicine doesn’t treat effectively.  In fact, he is at the forefront of getting the facts out to the general public through his websites and online publications.

Damon Berg is working behind the scenes through his products and educational services to deliver needed relief to thousands of people in a safer, easier and more effective way.  Because of his efforts, people are getting the information they need to make informed decisions and get effective treatment they need and relief from a host of chronic diseases and debilitating illnesses that have seriously degraded their quality of life.

Damon cares about people and his life’s mission is to help them live healthier, longer and more substantial lives.  Having lost a mother and a sister recently, his empathy for the suffering of others is at the forefront of his “why” as he continues to deliver products, services, and doubles up his efforts to educate people in understanding how Cannabis can be the go to alternative to opioids and other often prescribed drugs.

Because conventional medicine side effects are sometimes worse than the cures or treatments they provide,  he says, “getting information to the public is the number one priority in getting Cannabis legalized in all 50 states so people can get effective treatment without all the side effects.”  and, mountains of evidence has shown this to be true.

What he cares about is educating people on how to make it easier for those who need treatment to get it in a way that makes it safer, healthier and insures they get what they need when they need it.

But, Damon Berg’s efforts don’t stop there.  He’s launched several charitable programs including his Coats 4 Vets Program.  He’s supplying coats this Winter for veterans and the homeless.  If you know a veteran in need of a coat, you can nominate the person by going HERE.

In addition to the coats drive, he’s also launched two other programs.  The first is a way to help veteran families in need have an amazing Christmas.  He’s donating Christmas presents to veteran families.  You can find out more about the “Damon Berg Christmas 4 Veteran Families program HERE.

And, he’s promoting his Jobs 4 Vets Awareness Program online to help businesses understand the advantages of hiring U.S. Military Veterans.  If you’re a business owner, remember… hiring a vet is not just the right thing to do… it’s also a good idea.

Learn About Our Charity Programs 4 Veterans

Damon Berg Christmas 4 Vets

Damon Berg Christmas 4 vets families program

Damon Berg is giving away Christmas presents to Veteran Families this holiday in an effort to help transitioning and needy families have an amazing Christmas.  If you know a family in need, Click Here to help us identify them.

Damon Berg Coats 4 Vets Drive

Damon Berg coats 4 vets

Because many veterans are having a hard time making ends meet, and some of them don’t have homes or a warm coat this Winter, Damon Berg is getting coats to Veterans.  If you know someone who could use a warm coat, Click Here.

Hire a Vet Awareness Program

Damon Berg Hire A Vet Awareness Program

Becase VETS need JOBS, and many companies don’t understand all the advantages of hiring experienced military veterans, Damon Berg is spreading the word and needs your help.  To find out more, Click Here.

Learn How Cannabis Medical Benefits Can Help People Just Like You!

Damon Berg and VapeMeds for Alzheimers Patients


Damon Berg wants people to know how Cannabis is helping cancer patients in several ways.  First, it has been proven to be effective treating certain types of cancer.  Next, it has been proven to help with nausea. Because of the myriad of side effects from conventional cancer treatment, cannabis oil is a proven alternative and/or additional remedy for many cancer patients.  It works like this.  The THC connects to the cannabinoid receptors on the cancer cell and the effect is an increase in ceramide synthesis which causes cancer cell death.  But, it does not cause the death of normal, healthy cells.   If you want to learn more about how Cannabis and specifically vaping is a better way to ingest cannabis oil in the fight against cancer, Click Here.


New research is showing how cannabis is helping veterans and others fight the effects of P.T.S.D. on daily life.  One of the big issues facing veterans is abnormal sleep patterns.  Numerous veterans have come forward saying how Cannabis helps them sleep better and calms their anxiety.  Damon Berg is teaching people across the U.S. how Cannabis is a better way to help veterans have a better option than conventional drugs and especially opioids.   If you want less side effects, better effectiveness, and a safer solution… if you would like to learn more how Cannabis could be your answer to a better night’s sleep, less anxiety, and a life less stressful, Click Here.


The evidence that THC helps fight Alzheimer’s is growing by the month.  What they are determining is that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds found in marijuana reduce the level of beta amyloid in the brain… a key characteristic of Alzheimer’s Disease.  They have also found that it also treats the inflammation of the brain.  Both conditions lead to neurodegenerative brain function.  If you’re looking for an easy, safer, unobtrusive way to ingest THC in a concentrated medicinal formula, Vaping has been shown to be safer and healthier.  If you or someone you know is fighting for their life against Alzheimer’s you may want to consider an alternative to conventional medicine.  To find out more about how vaping Cannabis is helping fight Alzheimer’s, Click Here.


The conventional medical community is facing mounting difficulties managing pain for patients stricken with cancer, neuropathy, pain associated with multiple sclerosis, and pain associated with injuries sustained by veterans in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Opiates and antidepressants are prescribed far too often by conventional practitioners and are not adequately relieving patients of the chronic pain they suffer.  That’s where THC has been shown to be a better option in many of these cases.  Cannabis vaping has been shown to be an easy way to get the relief from the pain you may be suffering with an easy to use, safer and healthier intake.  If you would like to learn more about how Cannabis is a better solution, Click Here.

Damon Berg Endorsements


Joe B.

Military Veteran

As a military veteran, I really appreciate what Damon Berg does for all of us.  Because of what many veterans have gone through, including many who have lost limbs or the use of their legs, Damon Berg’s contribution to the health and well being of veterans across the U.S. is something I can’t say enough about.

The education and awareness for the benefits of Cannabis Damon Berg shares is important, but because of the way he gives back… I know he cares.  Damon cares about veterans.  He cares about every life he comes across… and he cares how they feel and how getting the proper medication through the right method can positively impact each one of them.

That’s why I am here to say, Damon Berg is an amazing human being.  And, I’m so proud of him as an American and as a person… most most of all… as a man who serves others in a way that most of us can’t.

I really appreciate the help he lends my fellow veterans to get what they need to fight off the chronic conditions that, without help, would seriously impact their lives.

Thank you, Damon Berg!


Shawn D.

Military Veteran

What Damon Berg is doing for the community is remarkable.  Because of what I learned from him, I switched from pharmaceudical drugs to Vaping medical marijuana. It’s not only seriously reduced my P.T.S.D. and anxiety, it’s given me my life back because I can sleep at night.  I used to lie awake or watch T.V. till four or five in the morning because I was so anxious that any little noise affected me.  By the time morning quickly came around, I was useless. It was affecting my work and my relationships.

After Damon explained there was an alternative to anti-anxiety and antidepressant meds my doctor had me on, things quickly began to change.  I was able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour and sleep through the night like never before.  My anxiety subsided… and not in the same way the anti-anxiety meds did… my mind was at ease.  It was the first real peace I’d had in forever.

Damon has also been someone I trust and know to be a person of honor and empathy.  He’s on a mission to help veterans and really anyone who is suffering get off opioids before its too late..  Thanks Damon Berg.  Keep up the good work and keep producing… you’re making a difference in a lot of lives.



Business Owner

I was suffering for years with seizures.  I taking piles of meds that doctor after doctor prescribed and they helped… but the side affects were almost as bad as the seizures… so I was desperately looking for an alternative.

Then I found Medical Cannabis.  Since beginning them, my seizures are gone… and I mean gone.  I’ve been able to ditch all the meds I was on.  My side affects are gone and I’m living my life better than ever.

What I love about Damon Berg is his products are so good and so helpful to so many people that I just love what he does… and how he does it.

On a personal note, Damon Berg helped me through the whole thing.  What an amazing and genuine human being.  He has made a difference in my life and he’s making a difference in many lives.  We need more people in the industry and especially doctors who care as much as he does.  And, we need more information out there so people can make informed decisions on treatments for their chronic conditions.  And, that’s what Damon Berg does.

Thanks, Damon.  I really appreciate you and everything you do.

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